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  1. Gucage

    Jan 20,  · No, what we got was the clenched fist, to go with the rhetorical one: America first to fix American carnage. The populist tone, from a .
  2. Sanos

    The good news is that most of the time, clenching your fist while you sleep is perfectly normal. And in most cases, the only thing it causes is some discomfort upon awakening and not a disruption in sleep. Sleep is the time that your brain has to .
  3. Akinozragore

    If a person clenched his fist before a physical fight however then this could indicate a type of physical aggression that shows that this person is ready to step into a fight. If someone did that while talking to you in a firm way then know that there is a .
  4. Meztikus

    Method 1: Fingers wrap around the thumb – If you clench your fists this way, externally you are likely witty and creative, but sensitive to criticism. Internally you are attuned to others feelings and desire to stay within your comfort zone.
  5. Gagis

    Among the most well-known symbols and hand gestures for communists and their fellow travelers is the raised clenched fist. Seemingly benign to the average unsuspecting person, the .
  6. Shakajinn

    2 hours ago · Explaining their demonstration on the victory stand, where they held clenched fists in black gloves high over their heads, they said the reason was to show the solidarity of black America. ADVERTISEMENT “White America would not understand,” said Carlos, of San Jose, Calif., the militant spokesman for the occasion. “The recognize me only.
  7. Yozshuzragore

    Jul 31,  · In , one of the combatants, a German group called the Red Front Fighters (RFB), patented the clenched fist as part of their uniform and salute. To Ernst Thälmann, leader of the RFB, the fist.
  8. Narr

    1. clenched fist - a hand with the fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting).

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