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  1. Mooguzilkree

    Did you know the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is listed as the greatest movie song of all time?We believe it! Not only is this the perfect lullaby for .
  2. Sazshura

    With the advent of "free form" or "abstract" jazz in the 's, jazz itself took a nosedive in record sales and audience attendance. Still, as a young teenager, you couldn't get me to listen to jazz of any era. So now, nearly 50 years after the fact, suddenly its starting to make sense to me. From what I can tell, I am hardly alone/5(14).
  3. Zolotilar

    May 26,  · SOUNDTRACK: OHIO EXPRESS-"Chewy, Chewy" (). The name Ohio Express sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember why. Turns out that they did "Yummy Yummy Yummy" (which I could have put here, but "Chewy Chewy" seems more bubblegum-apt). What I was fascinated to discover though, was that (according to Wikipwdia) "Ohio Express" served .
  4. Dokinos

    Open thread Posted by Patrick at PM * We’re here. If you look at the larger version of the above snapshot on Flickr, you can see the rapidly-receding figures of Abi and Teresa far ahead on the path, blithely unaware that their companion, trying to retrieve a camera while cycling, had moments ago managed to hook a foot into the soil to the side of the path, .
  5. Arashijin

    I felt suddenly shy and uncomfortable when I thought about who I would want to see in the evenings. And if that means that I cry like a baby at the fifth grade winter concert, so be it. There is not much skin I like to show. If it is on my arm, it would swing like a trapeeze. If it were on my leg, it would looks strange and would change.
  6. Fejinn

    Product description. BRUBECK DAVE BRUBECK TIME giastouttercaptpupdavagoticityma.coinfo In popularity and controversy swirled around Dave Brubeck. On one hand, his appeal on college campuses brought him great notoriety, culminating with his appearance on Time magazine's November 8 cover--hence the record's title. On the other hand, many musicians and critics dismissed his cool /5(14).
  7. Dailkis

    The Shoe Thief Of South Korea (1) Is Romance Dead (1) Iss (1) I Stand Condemned (1) It's A Crime Mr Collins (1) It's A Wonderful Life (1) It's Higgins Sir (1) It's In The Bag (1) ITOTR (29) ItPaysToBeIgnorant (1) It Pays To Be Ignorant (6) Ivan Hahn (2) Ivory Joe Hunter (1) I Was A Communist For The FBI (1) I Was A Communits For The FBI (1) Iwo.
  8. Tygosida

    ‘As far as I know, you started on this only yesterday. You have worked so much on it – I heard you come in last night, and the night before. Thanks for trying to be quiet, by the way. You come in after four in the morning and you get up at seven, just to come here and start working on this.
  9. Shasida

    Not a moment later, the band was suddenly playing an upbeat, jazzy song - the bell player had switched to a small set of drums, the harp-player to a saxophone. There was a rise of whoops and cheers as the couples around span and tapped to the music. Some passerby on the other end of the dock caught notice and approached.

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