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  1. Grojar

    A bit of added history: The French will be the first to say that "les frites" come from Belgium. And it being true that Belgians have made and perfected the stuff for years and years, the origin of deep frying potatoes in oil comes from a monastery in Spain. Smakelijk (bon appétit). EDIT.
  2. Arashibar

    Aug 14,  · The name ‘friet’ comes from patates frites, Belgian-French for ‘fried potatoes’. One possible explanation for the association could be that when American soldiers were introduced to ‘fried potatoes’ in Belgium during WWI, they thought they were in France because French was the language spoken in that region.
  3. Tezahn

    A fusion of perfect fries, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, topped with cheese curds and yummy veggie gravy. SMALL.
  4. Kazrazshura

    The basic recipe for Belgian fries is always the same. They’re double-fried in animal fat: pre-fried at a lower temperature, allowed to cool, and then quickly fried at a higher heat just before serving. Exact timings vary, but here are my Belgian father’s instructions on how .
  5. Kazuru

    Jan 10,  · French fries or Belgian fries? Everybody today eats French Fries. French fries (frites in French) initially come from Northern France, a region that produces one-third of the country's potato giastouttercaptpupdavagoticityma.coinfor, France and its neighbour, Belgium, both believe that they 'invented 'French fries'.
  6. Aralkree

    Brussels. Food. When you think about Belgian food, three things often come to mind: beer, chocolate and fries. If they’re called French fries, these golden potato sticks should actually be named Belgian fries given the number of shops and stands dedicated to them in Brussels.
  7. Brat

    Styled after traditional s Belgian beer halls with high ceilings, rustic tables and stain glass windows, FRITES has created the perfect atmosphere for sharing hearty portions of great food, great brews and great conversations with friends. Click here for online delivery ▶ Watch the FRITES Film ▶ Learn more about our kids area ▶.
  8. Ditaur

    Need to translate "patates frites" from French? Here's what it means.
  9. Samunos

    In fact, the name “friet” of french fries is derived from “patates frites”, which is Belgian French, meaning “fried potatoes”. There is a probably reasonable explanation for the connection between French fries and France. It may have been formed in the First World War, when “fried potato chips” was introduced to American soldiers in Belgium, but they thought they were in France because the area said It ’s .

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